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May 8, 2021
Softwares for Windows
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Either you are a student or a teacher, you always need a complete
dictionary and thesaurus. WordWeb Pro Ultimate Reference Bundle 9 is a
comprehensive environment for everyone. Providing one-click English
Dictionary and Thesaurus for Windows (Oxford and Chambers). It has an
intuitive user interface that shows the complete reference to any word or
phrase with one click. It is a useful application for finding the
definitions, pronunciations, examples, synonyms, and other details.
Additionally, it is a perfect environment for people who want to learn
English, as it provides up to 70,000 audio pronunciations for different
words. The users can also add optional third-party dictionaries in a
separate tab.

Bookmark the commonly used words including MS Word Tabs as well as the
users can also add references to different words. Copy the results to the
clipboard for searching. Moreover, the users can also find the words
matching any pattern and perform numerous other operations. Search for
definitions, synonyms, antonyms, configure glossaries for different
languages including British, Canadian, American and Australian etc. It also
allows flagging the vulgar and offensive words. There are 162000 root
words, 130000 synonym sets, and over 280000 words for exploring. All in
all, it is a complete dictionary and thesaurus by for all the type of

· Complete Oxford Dictionary and Chambers Dictionary

  • Intuitive user interface and clear-cut options
  • One-Click search for Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Spellings and pronunciations for 70000 words

· Reverse definition with compound and proper nouns

· Add optional third-party libraries for additional support

· Shows definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and related words

· Bookmark common words and flag offensive and vulgar words

· Add definitions to the databases with import and export features

· 130,000 synonyms set and 162,000 words and compounds

Install Notes:

– If you have WWP v9 installed on your system, install wwupdate9.exe

– If you’re doing a clean install first install wwp9.exe with the generated
key from keygen.

Then install wwupdate9.exe

Remember to close from tray before running update.


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